Guest Review ~ Jenny Broke The Window on Little Joy

Sydney indie-rockers Jenny Broke The Window lent WildnFree their bass player Matt McCaffery to write a guest review on an artist of their choice. Thanks to the evidently fine tastes of McCaffery, I’ve now found a treasure known as the self-titled 2008 album from Brazilian-American rockers Little Joy

Over to you Matt!

Little Joy 

Little Joy’s self-titled album from ’08 is one that you can listen to front-to-back. It’s an eternally relevant, beautifully understated, and thoroughly enjoyable collection of breezy lovelorn impressions.

The Next Time Around begins the album with a couple of layers of ukulele taking you by the hand, sitting you down somewhere sunny by the ocean, and placing a margarita in hand. The uke’ has a tendency to do that.

The vocal harmonies scattered over the album are stunning and the back and forth singing between English and Portuguese will add to the album’s exoticism for some.

Play the Part, Unattainable and With Strangers are sombre ballads touching lyrically on thoughts of unrequited love, but not in a sappy way – in a way that’s entirely down-to-earth, relatable, and in a soft blue haze of melancholy.

Keep Me In Mind is a toe-tapper filled with vitality, where little Fabrizio Moretti’s presence can really be felt as The Strokes-eqsue guitar panning chops from left to right. Evaporar is the last track on the album and is one of the best, a delicate Bossa Nova crooner distilling the laid-back, dreamy essence of the album.

Score: 10/10

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Thanks to Matt, my new favourite is the ‘sombre ballad’ With Strangers. I’m feeling that ‘blue haze of melancholy’ coming on strong. Listen for yourself:

Now you’ve had your unexpected fix of Brazilian-American rock courtesy of Little Joy, check out Jenny Broke The Window’s own new track Airport Love. There’s some sombre love lamentations going on here too, but this time in the form of heart-wrenching atmospheric synth-rock playing out in the departure lounge of someone’s heart.

Check out Jenny Broke The Window’s upcoming tour dates below, then enjoy:

 Jenny Broke The Window

Upcoming gigs

Sat Apr 09 | Moonshine | Manly

Fri May 06 | Newtown Social Club | Sydney

Sat May 14 | Penny Black | Melbourne

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