Guest Review ~ The Hiding on City Calm Down

Melbourne indie-electro-pop quartet The Hiding bring a bunch of diverse yet spectacular elements to WildnFree this evening; a thoughtful and detailed review of City Calm Down‘s album In A Restless House; their own completely charming and infectious track Karma My Life; plus the incredible and intriguing talent of Fatmir Mura – Sand Artist. We are SPOILED tonight, lovers of WildnFree, SPOILED

The Hiding’s lead singer and guitarist Anthony Salce offers the following insights. Take it away….


One album from late last year which still continues to strike a chord with me personally is the debut offering from City Calm Down In A Restless House. I’ve been following them for a while as friends of mine got me onto them through their singles Pleasure & Consequence and Pavement, and I always found that with each of release, that huge presence of warm pad/synth sounds and crunchy bass lines would continuously interest me.

Son instantly gained my attention on the first listen. They’ve produced the track in a way which really allows the vocals to be isolated amongst the rest of the band, really highlighting the rebellious nature of the song. In particular, the pack vocals shouting “No, I’ll never leave you now! Even though I’m suffering” really leaves a stain in your head. The melody is so infectious, you immediately feel the message come across within yourself.

My personal favourite from the album is Your Fix. Hearing this on the album is one experience, but to hear it translated in pure perfection live is one of my highlights from the summer of 2015/2016. Again, the vocals in this one grab your attention from the get go and set an empowering feel for the rest of the song. The transition from the verse to chorus provides an incredible lift in the intensity, and you instantly feel like moshing within your own space wherever you may be.

Overall it is an impressive debut album from City Calm Down. The album offers 11 individually brilliant, but consistent tracks which cater to a large audience, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see these Melbourne lads rise through 2016.


Thank you Anthony! For your listening pleasure, please enjoy the highly-recommended, summer-defining track Your Fix courtesy of City Calm Down:


And be dazzled by the infectiously positive and uplifting nature of Karma My Love, while being mesmerised by the extraordinary talents of Fatmir Mura:

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