Medium Punch ~ Lark featuring Forever Son

Enjoy superior quality ambient glitch-pop goodness tonight thanks to Medium Punch‘s Lark featuring Forever Son. The solo project of Melbourne-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jake Leahy, Medium Punch has done a beautiful job of weaving in trip-hopped electronica with the rustic reverbed folk-rock vocal of Forever Son’s Jack Dobbins.

Having spent the past year in his home studio craft upcoming EP Mononoke, Medium Punch has delivered one of those ambient folktronic beauties, peppered with acoustic strums and slick beats, best experienced as you slink into a hot bath with glass of red on hand. Forever Son’s vocals are a counter-intuitive yet welcome addition, his folk-magic album Ten Months is still one of WildnFree‘s favourites for 2017.

Chill to the Lark goodness right now:

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