Albert Salt ~ Glass Plains

Melbourne classical muso turned bedroom producer Albert Salt‘s new single Glass Plains is a dark concoction of melodies and beats working together in perfect coolness. With trip hop and jazz vibes plus sax touches from Alex Lahey and Ollie Whitehead, this track will move and perturb you in almost dystopian ways.

Albert says Glass Plains is written as a second person narrative, portraying an internal conflict, exploring our tendency to premeditate and perform actions, before analysing them hypercritically.  The chorus in itself is delighting WildnFree with its murky outlook on some disturbed future self:

I’ll be there when you’re older; 
Slower and colder; 
Desperately sober. 
Chasing dread ‘till you’re braver; 
Real misbehaviour; 
Fear we can savour. 

The first single of Albert’s forthcoming EP, Glass Plains is a clever piece of work, almost cinematic in its colour and construction. Bring on the EP quick.


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