Allan Smithy ~ Four Letter Reason

Do you think it’s love? Everyone’s leaving poor Allan Smithy alone in the severely unaffordable streets of Sydney, all for a Four Letter Reason. To fuck? To flee? To find? To know? To grow? To earn? To live, hopefully somewhere not ball-breakingly expensive? WildnFree‘s money is on love, or at the very least, the opportunity to fuck. You decide.

Smithy (Matt Amery) still loves Sydney though. Watch him stroll the bleak suburban landscape in his blundstones as the camera cuts away to power lines and rubbish bins, while all the way through Smithy holds up a mirror. If you grew up in the wastelands of any big city, Sydney, Melbourne or not, you’ll see yourself reflected back.

Check it out and enjoy this piece of fuzzy indie-suburbiana produced by the esteemed Wayne Connolly, mixed by Liam Judson and taken from forthcoming EP I See A Palm Tree.

Plenty of random palm trees to be seen here too:



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