Premiere ~ Andrew Samuel ~ Luck Feels Good

Can’t a man book into a hotel alone on a Tuesday without getting shit for it? Sydney singer-songwriter Andrew Samuel clearly cannot as seen in this beautifully-crafted and endearingly expressive video for Luck Feels Good premiering on WildnFreeProduced by Indiana Kwong, shot by Kate Cornish (Dan Sultan, Wafia), and directed by Travis Jeffery (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gallipoli), you can’t help but feel right there with the cast of characters frequenting the shitty motel, empathising with their falls from grace and celebrating their movements towards connection and joy. The soft and hazy pastel aesthetic adds to the dream-like, or even nightmare-like quality, depending on how you’d feel about booking into the honeymoon suite, alone, on a weekday. A peaceful dream, or your worst nightmare?     

The track itself recounts ‘a night of hope and unexpected romance at a shit house party,’ which says everything all at once about the highs, the lows and the rare glimpses of grace we’re all given throughout our weird and wonderful journeys. Keep an eye out for more of this type of goodness on Andrew’s forthcoming EP Enmore Road

People of Sydney, go see this guy live tonight at his single launch at Lazybones in Marrickville.


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