Andy Ward ~ Drinks & Money

All you want until you have too much, Drinks & Money by Brisbane producer Andy Ward perfectly captures one desolate motherfucker of a mood. Andy’s goddamn heart is repeatedly broken in this artfully tormented synth gem, so be careful, you may want to shoot yourself in the face while listening. Don’t take that the wrong way though! There’s nothing like an artwork that encapsulates a mood, making your gut wrench with empathetic feels and your heart clench in the relief that someone actually ‘gets’ it. Drinks & Money does it perfectly.

Self-produced collaboratively with Levi Dowsett, Drinks & Money explores the havoc wreaked on relationships by substance abuse. Andy says, “Craving what we don’t have can destroy us.” Ain’t that the truth. Originally trained as a classical violinist, Andy’s now doing a fine job of creating evocative synth slowburners. The hint of an ‘immersive multi-media live show and visual art installations’ ups the intrigue just a little more.

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