Ani Lou ~ Eralda

If you’re in need of a soothing antidote to any ailment, listen now to Ani Lou‘s debut EP Eralda. A dreamy ambient beauty with a cool, mystical touch, Eralda feels soft, subtle and healing.

Eralda was created as Tassie singer-songwriter Ani Lou managed through a rough patch of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. “I sing to come to terms with situations and challenges I have faced, and hope to find kinship with others by sharing these experiences,” she says. “Like many people, music is my antidote and method for self-soothing.’” For anyone struggling through something chronic and debilitating, feeling isolated and alone, Eralda is made for you. 

Recorded with her four-piece band at Reel to Reel Studios with Zarven Kara, and mixed by Swedish engineers Simon Hagström Rennestedt (Ascend) and Henrik Alsèr (Too Late, Dark Days, Keeper and Imagery), Ani Lou has successfully turned her struggles into musical transcendence.

Listen to the whole EP and watch the mesmering vid for first track Ascend: 


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