Aphir ~ Can’t Comfort

Real deal Melbourne producer Aphir backs up the release of her 2017 album Twin Earth with new track Can’t Comfort, a soft and spectral electronic reflection on boundaries and self-care. Aphir’s Becki Whitton creates a surreal and otherworldly soundscape, cinematic yet restrained, anchored by her soft vocal bringing it all back down to earth with the truth – “I can’t comfort you this week, I need to hide in weakness for a while, the empathy you’re seeking will return before you miss it boy, I just need a minute here.” 

Aphir says, “I feel that a lot of people, young women especially, are taught that sometimes you have to exhaust yourself looking after other people before you’re allowed to look after your own needs, and this song is a rejection of that.” Nice work Aphir, sometimes that lesson takes a long time to learn. If Cant’ Comfort gives just one person permission to take care of themselves first and foremost for the greater good, then you’ve achieved a fine mission.

Listen and learn:

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