Arig ~ Mama Said

Brisbane electro blues soul debutante Arig releases Mama Said, a deeply intimate exploration of a painful wound, the mother wound, a life-fucking trauma that demands deep patience and unbearable strength to heal and release over time. Dark synths and soft beats carry Arig’s message with elegance and grace, and her voice is one of sweet strength despite the struggle.

“I never had the beautiful upbringing that I wished for,” explains Arig. “My mother was the cause of most of my physical, emotional and spiritual pain and confusion in life. But perception is power. She showed me how to be everything that I didn’t want to be. And, that is her greatest gift to me.” 

Mama Said is one of the songs I did a lot of writing for,” she continues. “I spent a lot of nights getting drunk with the beat on repeat until sun up trying to figure out how to get out the angst and pain that I was feeling towards my Mum. But, when I let go of trying to get it right and I just got on the mic it all just came out.”

Iconic child psychologist and attachment theory pioneer John Bowlby once said famously, “What cannot be communicated to the [m]other cannot be communicated to the self.” If your mother can’t see you, you can’t see yourself. If your mother can’t hear your songs, you can’t sing them. If your mother can’t read your words, you can’t write them.

If your mother saw your gifts, heard you singing, read your stories, welcomed your talents, nurtured your gifts and birthed your soul and not just your body, then you are very lucky indeed. The mother wound is a destructive legacy to give to an innocent child, and one many of us will relate to very deeply.  WildnFree is honoured to witness Arig’s healing and recovery through this song.

Upcoming EP Attrition is set for release on Friday, April 27th.



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