Art vs Science ~ Tired Of Pretending

Exhausted cynicism is healthy IMHO. Art vs Science channels the emptiness into Tired Of Pretending, a track offsetting raw and frustrated yearning with a banging dance beat.

I’m feeling this bit especially:

“I blew it all that night in a sweet, sweet girl, I can’t remember her name, and even if I could, it’d all be the same, she had brown eyes, she had soft hair, it was at an after party and The Strokes were there, coz no matter how Jesusy or saintly you can get, there’s only one thing that keeps me coming back, a hunger from within, or is it from without? No rationality, no rationality…I want to feel love”.

I hear you, Art vs Science. Who wants to pretend otherwise? Group hug and high fives for telling the truth.

Tired Of Pretending is from Art vs Science’s forthcoming album Off The Edge of The Earth and Into Forever, Forever out 9 October. Pre-orders here:



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