Attila Mora ~ Out My Life

Topping the triple j Unearthed charts with gorgeous mood-synth jam Out My Life, electro artist and excellent human Attila Mora is getting lots of love for his music right now, and WildnFree couldn’t be happier for him.  Since the epic ‘Surprise, I’m sending your song behind your back to music blogs’ Valentine’s Day stunt his girlfriend pulled back in 2017, aided and abetted by born romantic WildnFree, Attila’s come out strong with his second official release following last years I Want You Back, and this could be the one to open all the doors.

Attila tells us that Out My Life, a meditative and melancholic slow burn fired by Attila’s remarkable vocal, begins with the questions of a suspicious mind: “Can you love without overthinking? Do you think about always winning?” Arising out of an experience with someone he thought very special to him, Attila says that he sat at his piano and wrote a meditative letter to himself, where he began to realise that this person didn’t have his best interests at heart, a heartbreaking realisation that always hurts. “Surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart, and let go of those who don’t,”  he sagely advises. A tough call at times, but a necessary one.

Before he gets way famous, catch a glimpse of Attila Mora supporting Evangeline at the Penny Black on May 12.


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