Attila Mora ~ Roses

Word on the street is that talented emerging Melbourne producer Attila Mora has decided to quit music. What the fuck Attila don’t do it. Your cover of Outkast’s Roses is so good your girlfriend hacked your Soundcloud account and sent it out to bunch of music blogs on your behalf. Being a bleeding heart romantic and purveyor of fine music herself, WildnFree is of course happy to share this beautiful gesture of love, along with your sweet electronic cover well worthy of music media coverage. Subtle and perfectly reimagined, Attila’s taken this piece of classic R&B and created a mighty fine piece of electro-pop that really should be loaded straight onto triple j Unearthed.

So says The Hacker i.e. Attila’s girlfriend:

People are capable, at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of and what makes them happy. It is everyone else’s idea of how you should live your life that stops you from making your own decisions and shying away from pursuing what makes you happy.

Attila Mora, you have fallen into the trap of not believing in yourself or the songs you produce. Your passion and creativity for music is ingrained in your bones, and I cannot let the person I love quit something that makes them, them. 

Listen to The Hacker, she speaks the truth. No matter how hard it is, no matter how heartbroken you are, how discouraged, how devastated, how destroyed, how shat on, how hated, how turned against, how ignored, how unwanted, how beaten, you must keep opening yourself up to receive the divine creative flow pouring down on you from above. If you’re creative, you must create. If you’re a musician, you must play. If you’re a writer, you must write. If you’re a painter, you must paint. If you’re a singer, you must sing. Shutting it down and off will only hurt you in the end,  WildnFree learned this the hard way herself, and so keeps writing now no matter what. If she can do it Attila, so can you legend.

Looking forward to that debut EP sometime this year too, okay?


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