Au Dre ~ Fool Me

More 80s-style pop bangerz please! Thankfully, Melbourne’s own Au Dre has answered the call in the form of Fool Me, a track so fun, funky and danceable it’s making me wanna put on my leg warmers and hot pink leotard. Tie your hair up in a fluoro scrunchie before watching the retro-style video clip, you’ll be dancing around the lounge room singing into a hairbrush in about 40 seconds in, I promise.

Check out JamBau acting the bored hipster staring at the old school TV while Audrey Powne prances about Madonna-style trying to get some love. Not even blowing a trumpet directly into his ear succeeds in getting his attention, he’s just way too cool. See if you can nail the dance moves while you’re watching, I would not be surprised if they’ve been pinched directly from a Rhythm Nation film clip.

Legwarmers on? Hairbrush microphone ready? Let’s dance:

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