Aurelia ~ Are We Losing

Having fought a constant battle within the music industry “to not have my creative freedom dominated by anything other than my artistic integrity”, Aurelia is ready to release debut single Are We Losing on her own damn terms. 

Before you can fully appreciate the song, hear this –  “outside of music, Aurelia is a practitioner of Martial Arts at the highest international level. Her training between Hong Kong and Australia, and her focus and dedication to a lifetime pursuit of understanding energy, forms the basis of her skills to access the heart of a lyric, a melody, a song… With no direct musical influences, her style has developed from a sense of rhythmic flow born out of her Martial Arts practices. It’s this unique formation that permeates every facet of her art”.

Soft and mystical, Are We Losing is anything but your standard electro dream-pop track. No musical instruments were used at all in its making , the beats are recordings of Aurelia practicing her Martial Arts, while the synths, bass, and all other melodic sounds are Aurelia’s vocal samples. Cue Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon imaginings as you listen to each curiously created beat.

 Aurelia says, “Recording the Are We Losing  demo was a pivotal experience for me of how magical I think making music should feel. This, and the fact that Are We Losing is essentially about freedom and abandon, lead me to the realisation that I’m free to release whatever I want, so I am.”

Intriguing stuff. Listen:

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