Banoffee ~ Body Suit

A suspect bunch of punters watch Melbourne electro-pop darling Banoffee perform glacial spins on stage during this oddly provocative vid for Body Suit. Wearing a painted bodysuit while slowly being wrapped in industrial strength plastic, Banoffee looks pained, passive and defiant as she bares all the punter’s looks and stares with patience.

The beauty is not just in Banoffee’s lovely face, but in the detail. The snarky behind-her-hands laughter of the cigarette-smoking lady in the fur coat. The aviator-lensed fanboy tragic in the front row putting two lumps of sugar in his tea before shifting his gaze rightward in sudden interest. The bemused woman petting the white dog. The bouffant-haired red wine drinking art critic caricature clapping like mad.

It’s all a bit unnerving. You’ll want to run away screaming but see if you don’t find yourself compelled to watch it all through your fingers anyway.


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