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Melbourne indie-astro singer BATTS is only getting started, but she’s already called in the planetary big guns for galactic-level career support –  gas giant Saturn with its music, rings and moons. Debut EP 62 Moons is named in honour of the boss planet’s lavish amount of satellites, and even features the spooky sounds emitted by its rings in the EP’s cosmic opening track. BATTS’ Tanya Batt, a hopelessly endearing performer with a mighty voice, explains 62 Moons track by track right here on WildnFree. 

Take it away Tanya!


We’re Done

This is the opening track of the EP and it starts out with the sounds of Saturn’s rings. I’d wanted to open my EP with these sounds since I first heard them, and it happened to be in the same key as the intro song, so that worked out pretty perfectly. I really wanted to combine the music the planets have been creating for billions of years with the music we as humans have been creating for such a small amount of time in comparison, it feels really special. There are lots of deliberate vocal effects in this song to help add to the start of the journey of the EP.

Little White Lies

I was listening to a lot of Andy Shauf when I wrote Little White Lies. This is the type of song that all just came out pretty quickly. I started playing some chords and singing the lyrics ‘Smoke it dissipates around me, so I take another toke, then I tell my doctor I don’t smoke. Little white lies’ and that was about it really, the rest of the lyrics came together within the next 10 minutes of playing it through.


This is a pretty raw track, I was just alone in the living room whilst the rest of the band sat in the control room, and I just did a few takes. It was the last song of the day to track, and I was tired and emotional but it worked really well for the song. It’s a song about wishing you could see yourself in certain situations doing idiotic things so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes again, but you can’t, so you continue to make those mistakes. Then, you get older and hopefully grow out of doing stupid shit. I really love what the mellotron adds to this track too, my bass player did that and just nailed it.

For Now

For Now is the only song on this EP that wasn’t live tracked because I recorded it at a different time with Hayden Calnin. With this song, my goal was to create a song that sonically made you feel like you were floating through space, and that’s how the rest of the EP came about sonically too. This song is about having a partner who is a musician and away a lot, however it’s my first love song that’s not about heartbreak so you know, first for everything.


This is probably the most personal song on the record for me, It’s a song written on a day in the depths of depression, and  the self- destructive battle you have with your own happiness on these days. However, I find it important to have those days when they arise, and just sit with them, and know the next day is a new day and try make it a better or more positive one.

I tend to get through these types of days by writing and this is a song that came from one of them. Musically it starts out with just me and my guitar to create that lonely, honest feeling and ends with the band and I just creating a wall of noise, like the constant wall of noise that can occur within your brain on one of those days. This is a fave of mine to play live with my band.

And WildnFree threw in two extra questions out of curiousity…

WF: What is it about space, and Saturn’s 62 moons in particular, that speaks to you? (FYI, I used to borrow ’space books’ from the primary school library, so I totally understand the space love)

TB: I just think it’s insanely magical up there, it’s basically untouched by humans and it just does its thing, and it’s so destructive and beautiful and operational in whatever way that is. I just find it so fascinating that Saturn has 62 moons – like, what a boss planet. We have one moon we look up at it every night and it provides beautiful night light, but imagine being on Saturn looking out and seeing 62 moons surrounding your planet.

I just think Saturn is so powerful, beautiful and amazing. Also Enceladus, is the most likely place within our solar system to harbour life so that’s also pretty amazing and that’s one of Saturn’s moons.

WF: From an observers point of view, you’ve had a pretty huge, definitive year where you’re starting to really emerge and hit your stride. How’s that feeling and what are you hoping 2018 will bring?

TB: It’s been a big year in so many areas of my life. I’m feeling pretty exhausted this December but extremely grateful of all the opportunities and amazing things that have happened this year. Obviously, having just released my debut EP I’ll focus on touring it. I’ve also started writing for my debut album. So, for 2018 I just hope for heaps of inspiration and time to create the album and to travel with music. I’m also hoping I can get Neil Degrassi Tyson on a track for the album so you know, dream big right?!

Dream big BATTS, with all the love of Saturn’s moons spinning a billion kilometres away, endlessly, always there to support and inspire you.


Image: Michelle Grace Hunter

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