Braille Face ~ Leave Your Heart

Tumble deep into the beautiful enigma of Braille Faces Leave Your Heart, a sombre and startling creation leaving you seeking, praying, searching for warmth and order outside its unsettling depths. “I’m only human, what’s your excuse, where do we go, where do we go, I don’t know where we go,” sings Braille Face’s Jordan White of artist-run Melbourne label Spirit Level, and once you’ve listened to Leave Your Heart, you really won’t know how to answer.

“I started writing the song while I was in New York in 2016,” reflects Jordan. “It was election season and I distinctly remember the air felt thick with uncertainty. I was traveling into Midtown everyday – going into the belly of the beast.  It was just before Trump was elected and there was a thick atmosphere hovering over the city.”

“I felt like I needed to document the hysteria. So Leave Your Heart is about trying to work out how we can retain some kind of humility and compassion at a time when we have given that all up.  How do we remain compassionate in what are mostly un-compassionate times?”

Perhaps find your heart? Love your heart? Save your heart? Whatever you do, don’t ever leave it, trash it or Trump it, or anyone else’s for that matter.


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