Blyolk ~ Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breathe Youth

‘Someone’ is turning 21 today and releasing a shit hot track called Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breath Youth. This somebody is Melbourne weird-pop sweetheart blyolk. Happy birthday dear blyolk from WildnFree!

Sounding almost turn of the millennium Bootylicious, Shun The Sun Because I Don’t Breath Youth is layered, multidimensional, energetic, looped, polyrhythmic. All about the intense battle of abusive relationships, and those looking out for them, the track still has a propulsive lightness and fun you’ll no doubt love.  

Currently in the middle of his curated residency at the Evelyn HotelA blyolk’s Life” has already featured the likes of Slowcoaching, POPPONGENE, Shouse (DJs) and Bridget Hustwaite (DJ). blyolk will officially launch Shun The Sun on its final date of Wednesday 28 June, with Pikachunes, Cool Explosions, Peachnoise and more. 

BNEers, blyolk will be coming your way early July,  joined by a multitude of local acts and guests on and offstage at Woolly Mammoth Upstairs’ Mammoth Haus, including Spirit Bunny and Low Dive. He’ll then appear at New Farm Records Dependents Day Prom at Bloodhound Bar, alongside entertainment from Requin, Spare Time DJs, and even “intermission karaoke” from FeelsClub’s magnetic frontman St Jonnie.  If you’re keen, read more from blyolk re last track Artshole  

 Get behind this legend now:

Photo cred: Briana Davis

Wed 21 Jun | Blyolk falls asleep on a beanbag with…

The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

w/ Hollie Joyce, Slowcoaching + Our Golden Friend DJs


Wed 28 Jun | Blyolk Goes Dancing Late and makes it out for a $19 breakfast the next day with……

(Shun single launch)

The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

w/ Pikachunes, Cool Explosions, Peachnoise, Flamingo Jones DJs + Yollks DJs


Thu 6 Jul | Woolly Mammoth Upstairs, Brisbane

w/ Spirit Bunny, Low Dive, L. Flora (members of Vulture Circus, Seahorse Divorce & Millie Khalu)


Fri 7 Jul | New Farm Records Dependents Day Prom

Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane

w/ Requin, Spare Time DJs, Keta Beats

Intermission Karaoke by FeelsClub’s St Jonnie 


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