Clint Wilson ~ Nothin’ To Lose

Clint Wilson’s ultra-languid country-folk ballad Nothin’ To Lose offers a poignant celebration of having nothing, and being wholly happy and grateful for it. Is this even possible? Clint says yes, offering a quiet, humbling perspective that feels real and true. He’s got shelter, water, light, cigarettes, a bed a for the night, and he’s fine with it. He’s grateful for the nothing that’s he’s got.  Expressed in a humble country tune, Nothin’ To Lose is a meditation on letting it all go for the better.

Beautifully illustrated by a Castaway style vid starring Neil Bosanquet, a man giving Tom Hanks a huge run for his money in the shipwrecked-and-lonesome acting stakes, Nothin’ To Lose is down-to-earth, touching and wholly thought provoking. Could you celebrate having nothing?


Nothin’ To Lose single launch

Sunday February 11th – Sookie Lounge, Belgrave with Miss May

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