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Fall into the storybook beauty of Clio’s new release Sleep For Years, very proudly premiered here on WildnFree. Transformed from a simple piano trio to a shining orchestral wonderland, Sleep For Years has both the cinematic magic of a film score and the soft heart of human frailty, forgiveness and love, all made whole through Clio’s sweet, powerful voice.

It’s not surprising it’s so fabulous, sought-after session keys player turned frontwoman Clio Renner had the A-team by her side through it’s making. Recorded at Sing Sing with Adam Rhodes at the helm, Sleep For Years features Daniel Farrugia (Angus & Julia Stone, The Bamboos, Missy Higgins) on drums, Marty Holoubek (Sex On Toast, James Morrison, The Lagerphones) on bass and special guests Hannah Cameron, Keiran Conrau, Blair Harris, Aaron Barndenand Lachlan Davidson.  The Cat Empire’s Ross Irwin wrote the orchestral arrangements – the song’s secret weapon polishing it up from sweet ballad to soul nectar. Hardworking Clio’s spent the last 12 months touring with certified legends like Tim Rogers, Deborah Conway, Killing Heidi and RocKwiz, but squeezed in writing and recording Sleep For Years nonetheless. 

And that’s just the song. Check out the quick-action softly muted black and white clip from famed music photographer Wilk.  Clio’s drags herself out of bed and gets ready for the day, checks her phone and does her makeup, before collapsing back into her stark white bed alone. What happened in between stays unknown.

But, Clio answers a few other questions for WildnFree about this awesome release.

WF: Sleep For Years “speaks of a relationship that has been irrevocably damaged. The haunting lyrics remind us of the fragility of trust, the layered complexity of family ties and the strength required to believe in our own judgement.” Tell us more, this is such a universal experience and I’m sure many people will relate. 

C: I think Sleep For Years speaks universally because we know that all families are, in some way, dysfunctional. Some embrace it, others hide it. Lots deny it. I’ve spent the last year or so re-learning to trust someone very close to me. On one level, it’s been easy because of that indestructible family tie – love. But love doesn’t ever excuse disloyalty, and it certainly doesn’t erase history.

I suppose this song really captured my brain at a time where I was trying to be empathetic and understanding, while also feeling let down and angry. Knowing that, at the end of it all, it didn’t matter  – because I would always love this person just the same!

WF: You have some stellar musicians involved in Sleep For Years, tell me how that evolved? 

C: It’s a bit of an all-star lineup, isn’t it? I’m a very lucky lady indeed! Initially, the track was just piano trio and vocals. It sounded nice, but definitely not the mood I was after – the simplicity didn’t suit the subject, it needed light and shade, more drama, or something. I approached Ross Irwin to take on the producer/arranger role for this track because he has one of the most musical and imaginative brains I’ve ever known. He absolutely brought the song to life.

WF: Tell me about this spectacular video and who was involved in filming it?  

C: The video was directed and shot by the exceptional Wilk. He’s worked with so many musicians in his career, I don’t think he’ll ever be able to do anything wrong. We had a really fun day, I mean it was really quite easy for me, I just had to ‘do what I would do on a normal day’ over and over again. That was really my only direction – thankfully no further acting was required!

WF: You’ve been touring with some music legends over the past year, how has this shaped and inspired you as a solo artist. 

C: I love playing in bands. Being the accompanist, playing in a rhythm section, taking on the supportive role. This was what I wanted to do, and I really had no desire to write songs and push a solo thing until I started working with some serious songwriting stalwarts. I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop doing the session thing. It really is what I am happiest doing, but I feel so creatively grounded now I’ve begun working my own music too.   

You hear lyrics that break 1000 hearts in a room at once and witness the severe passion that can only come from singing one’s own songs. How could that not inspire!?

WildnFree is certainly inspired. Catch her live at her single launch this Thursday at The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford, supported by The Royal Parks and Madeline Leman.





Thursday 2nd November, 7.30pm

with special guests 

The Royal Parks

& Madeline Leman

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