Corin ~ Virtuality

Melbourne creatives CORIN and Tristan Jalleh combine forces to deliver Virtuality, a fascinating audio-visual reflection on the nature of virtual reality. To avoid writing extended musico-literary wankery about the indescribable, you really should just watch and absorb it for yourself. WildnFree especially loves the motherboard circuitry framing the lush forest garden, and if she must get philosophical about it, hasn’t yet made up her mind on whether or not such digital encroachment onto the natural world is a good thing. Nature is infinitely more beautiful and intelligent. Intelligence is a natural gift, not an artificial construct coded by some hooded boy-wonder ‘dev’. Is the digital world dangerous to humans?

She reflects on this precisely by writing words into a WordPress site published through the Internet. The irony is not lost on her. Bloody hell, how did she get here? CORIN and Tristen Jalleh lead her up some weird and wonderful garden path.

Watch CORIN’s Virtuality and get lost in your own reflections:

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