Didirri ~ Blind You

Melbourne via Warrnambool ‘somber folk dandy’ Didirri releases a mega-intense piece of folk, the very best kind, in new track Blind You. Like all good folk songs, Didirri sings sadly about love and letting go, gently pushing the old flame off into the future, with hopes she next finds the type of love bringing on acute, sudden and incurable tunnel vision, short-sightedness, long-sightedness, blurriness and the general lack of clear vision afflicting the newly starstruck and spellbound.

“The song is about coming to the realisation that even though you may not be right for an ex, they are still a great person and deserve to be loved,” says Didirri. Let’s hope the she believes it. 

Blind You was recorded and produced in Melbourne by local icon Hayden Calnin and mastered by Adam Dempsey. Catch Didirri launching this tragi-beauty live at The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo in on May 19.

Tickets and more info at www.didirri.com

Listen and wipe the tears away slowly:

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