Dogood ~ Hate Expectations

Gutsy, honest songwriting about excruciating heartache, Melbourne’s Dogood nails it with Hate Expectations. Alexandra Duguid, AKA Dogood, manages to punch WildnFree straight in the guts with her jangly guitar-pop ode for the lovelorn, a sensational effort for only her first single.

There’s something about these lyrics…

I know I’ll never be enough for you, though I deserve better, that much is true, our almost will haunt me, what could have been will taunt me, I know I’ll feel better eventually. 

And these ones…

I’m embarrassed off all the nice things I’ve said to you, although I mean them, every word I’ve said true, and I’ll obsess in this mess for some time, although it’s over in my mind, I know it will all be fine. 

…that hits home. Sigh, we’ve all been there, right? Right?!

Rue your own lost loves right here, right now with Hate Expectations:

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