Eastward ~ Dream Of Hawaii

Rocktronica mystery EastwardWildnFree‘s fave under the radar Melbourne bedroom producer, reappears into view with debut album Dream Of Hawaii out now.  Taking you through the wilds of cosmic consciousness across ten separate lands and heavens, Eastward creates a sweet adventure of instrumental sound, blending synth and analogue, rock riffs and soft strums, always melodic, always curious and totally loveable in all its magic.

Laws Of Nature is the standout luxurious beauty, with its languid cowboy swing and ripper jazz horns, ending in hip swinging perfection. Universal Collapse offers up the banging psych-rock hugeness demanded by the times we’re in,  while the hypnotic gentleness of I See Planets In Your Eyes unfolds slowly with chimes and beats enough to delight and comfort you both. Unhinged spaghetti western Supermercardo, featuring a ‘Benny Hotel’ on the other hand, will have you clutching your gun in a gleeful madness.

With no live shows planned and therefore no further official music blog business needed to say, simply listen and lose yourself in Dream Of Hawaii:


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