Emma Louise ~ Underflow (Little Dragon Remix)

Bald and beautiful Brisbane lady Emma Louise sounds ever more ethereal in this sweet remix of Underflow by Little Dragon. Listen to the chill, stripped back beats and see if you don’t think they offer the perfect understated framework for her spectral vocals. Nice work Little Dragon, you Swedish electronic soul synth-pop legends you.

Emma Louise says ” I wrote Underflow about that feeling that swells up inside of you when you know that things in your life are about to change. It’s like an undercurrent that at first you ignore, and it builds and builds until you know you need to make a decision, albeit hard and scary at the time. Then the change comes, and everything is new and different.”  Anyone on the cusp of making a big, scary decision about to change your life, here’s your remixed anthem. Get swept away momentarily in the soft beats while sweating out the pros and cons.

Emma Louise has been working on hard on recording album number 2 due out early this year, including creating much of the accompanying artwork. See the lithe and lovely painted lady in the post image? All her own work. A+ for all-round fabulous artistry Emma Louise.

Listen and enjoy all the chill:

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