Evelyn Ida Morris ~ The Body Appears

Evelyn Ida Morris’ latest single The Body Appears is a raw, intimate exploration of the artist’s inner self: equal parts confident and introspective. The expansive, cinematic piano compositions that make up Morris’ forthcoming self-titled album are present here, providing the perfect accompaniment to their emotive, bracing vocals. Written in a single afternoon last April, The Body Appears is Morris’ way of expressing their own experiences living outside the gender binary, and Morris says the song “feels like I finally found words around my identity.”

“It felt like a new character was being added to the album – a certain and protective one, so that others didn’t feel so vulnerable anymore,” they say.

The single is accompanied by a pared-back yet deeply moving video shot by Geoffrey O’Connor, in which performer Deanne Butterworth echoes the swirling melodies and harmonic textures of Morris’ single with visceral physicality. Outstretched hands, bending feet, and twisting joints are captured by O’Connor with resolute focus: here is a body in motion, alive, pulsing, perfect in its natural form. Morris says the upcoming album is about “the spaces I perceive between my body and everyone else’s body,” and this video is a fitting physical representation of this inner tension.

The Body Appears will appear on Morris’ self-titled album, to be released on April 20, 2018, by Milk! Records and Remote Control Records. 


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