Gabriella Cohen ~ Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love

Gabriella Cohen’s on the phone from a house in Sexton Street, with plans to get Asian food for dinner once she’s done talking through her new album Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love.  “It’s a 100% creative home where everyone’s doing music and art”, she explains, of the Brisbane house and her friends who live there. “Kate (Dillon, producer/engineer) and I walk in like we own the place when we come back in town,” she laughs, sounding carefree and happily at home.  Right now though, she actually lives a little further north, having returned from L.A. to live with her family in Crystal Waters, a small cooperative eco-village up the road from Woodfood, home of the famous folk festival. “It’s humbling, that’s for sure,” she says, reflecting on her return to the nest. “But the food’s good, my sisters are there and I’m moving back to L.A in February, so it’s all good.”

The City of Angels is mentioned frequently across Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love, an album that embraces and entices like a deep fuschia flower, or a baby fresh blanket, or a flash of hot fluorescence, rolled out track by track, shade by pinky shade.  So what exactly is the influence of LA on this album? I ask. “I’d never been there when I wrote the album,” she explains, surprisingly. ” But I mention it a lot throughout because my lover lives there, and I desperately wanted to see him.”

Rough. Separated from her man and writing songs like I Feel So Lonely and Miserable Baby in Melbourne’s southside Balaclava across 2016, she considers the songs to be little manifestations that actually came true.  “I just wanted to get to those places to see him!” she says. “We were lucky to get the chance to tour with Foxygen before the album was done, and that tour conveniently delivered me straight to him in L.A.”

“Don’t think too deeply into it,” she cautions, when I probe for meaning within the tenderly evocative album title. “I wasn’t working some type of concept with it, I just see the colour pink when I hear music I really love, like rich harmonies by girls groups.  Then, my friend told me that her mother had said that pink was the colour of unconditional love, and it just seemed to click.”

If there’s one song we’re authorised to read into, it’s sassy doo-wop opener Music Machine, a track in which she sounds majorly done with the exploitative cog turnings of the biz, enough to take a lyrical swipe at it –  she’s doing time in the industry, she goes to parties but she’s not in the scene, her Mama think she’s doing gigs for free, she’s playing gigs but she’s anti-machine.  Although the industry seems to have been good to her these past few years, it’s still awesome to see Gabriella speak her own truth to power and point out the elephant in the band room. “I’m so jaded!” she says. “That song is definitely literal. You’ve gotta spend all your money to not no many. I’ve realised that to have a sustainable career, I’ll have to do things in non-standard ways.”

One thing’s for sure, the video for Music Machine is as gorgeous as hell. “I wanted some eye candy, because sex sells, ” she explains. “I directed it, one of my dear friends (Yasmin Langlois) is the main actress, and my sister Sara did the set and costume design.  Her designer name Lily Castel plus she performs under the name Bonnie Love.” Gabriella offers a moment of brief vulnerability when I ask why she doesn’t appear in the vid. “Some artists are beautiful triple threats, but I’m just learning how to be in front of a camera,” Gabriella says, honestly. “It’s just not my jam at the moment.”

Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love also sees the continuation of her production partnership with Kate Dillion of Full Flower Moon Band. I can’t help but think that if Gabriella and Kate were two dudes, their flourishing collab would be given far more kudos. “She’s the bomb,” says Gabriella. “We’ve been working together for four years, and she’s the most mentally and emotionally supportive producer ever. But I write all the songs though,” she clarifies. “She writes and records all the stuff for her project, and I do the same for mine. We support each other in that sense.”

Grab your copy of Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control in Australia/NZ and Captured Tracks elsewhere. Australian and US tour dates below.


Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love Album Tour

Fri 8th June – The Northern, Byron Bay NSW FREE SHOW

Sat 16th June – Black Bear Lodge,  Brisbane QLDTickets

Fri 22nd June – Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC Tickets

Sat 23rd June – Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne VIC Tickets

Sun 24th June – Karova Lounge, Ballarat VIC Tickets 

Fri 29th June – Waywards,  Sydney NSW Tickets

USA Album Tour Dates

Wed 26th September – Mercury Lounge, New York City

Tues 16th October – Moroccan Lounge, Los Angeles

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