Ghosting ~ Reimagining Miyazaki

You’ve gotta listen to Reimagining Miyazaki by Ghosting, the new moniker adopted by local producer and legend Andrei Eremin. Grab your headphones and immerse yourself in this glitchy, trip-hoppish, off-kilter reworking of the gentle instrumentals well known to fans of anime director Hayao Miyazaki.  Ghosting’s mixtape achieves an intriguing metamorphosis while still paying due respect to the much-loved originals.

Eremin says, “The mixtape started as a lightbulb moment to sample Spirited Away, one of my all-time favourite films. I took out my keyboard on a whim, cut up the intro to the film and within 4 hours I’d finished the best track I’d ever made. It was a sign. From there the decision made itself – I had to sample every other Miyazaki film.’

You can’t ignore the signs. Eremin’s project even took him to Jiufen, the Taiwanese town famous for being the inspiration behind Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Check out his travel pics on Instagram, they’re all part of the story. 

Grab the whole mixtape on Bandcamp if you want to own this goodness, or listen below:

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