Ginger And The Ghost ~ Kindred Spirits

Future pop duo Ginger And The Ghost release a most luscious and outrageously arty video clip for new track Kindred Spirits, a song honouring and celebrating “the spirit that finds two people.”  Ginger And The Ghost say “They share an umbilical cord and are birthed at the same time by the spirit allowing them to have that sense of knowing that only they have. They become a mirror image of each other, a reflection of themselves.” After reading Ginger And The Ghost’s explanation of this beautiful concept, WildnFree felt it utterly necessary to tease out a little more flavour and detail.

WF: Can you tell me a little bit about about what you’re honouring and celebrating through this song –  the spirit that finds two people. Tell me about this spirit!

GG: A soulmate, a kindred spirit, a best friend, a lover, a stranger. I guess the spirit is a symbolism for that striking wild and feverish moment when you meet someone for the first time and you’re thinking, “Whoah, I’ve known this person for my whole life, or even beyond my life!”  We don’t celebrate the human connection enough, maybe we all think we don’t deserve it because of the state of the world or whatever, but perhaps celebrating our human connection will in turn help to heal us. Let’s not get too deep on this!  “All I ever see is you you you, a little seed dancing in my soul” are the lyrics in the song. It’s my way of expressing that.  

WF: How does someone let this spirit find them?  

GG: I think that’s determined by fate. I’ve found mine when I’m on the right path, doing what I am supposed to be doing.   

WF: Where does this concept come from and why is it meaningful for you? 

GG:It’s meaningful to me because our friendships are the backbone, and family is the heart. We don’t have a lot of ceremony in the western world so hopefully it inspires friends to share the song with their own kindred spirits.

 Kindred spirits of WildnFree, enjoy:

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