Grand Pine ~ Fail Me

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Savour this delicious indie-folk from Melbourne newbies Grand Pine  courtesy of new track Fail Me. Sounding like all good indie-folk should be – haunting, melodic, transcendent – Fail Me has ‘potential’ written all over it. Lovers of all the usual suspects, i.e. Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, take note – this song has everything you need. Soft electric strums, atmospheric harmonies, sparse percussion, piercing strings – get on your knees and send prayers of thanks to the indie-folk gods asap.

WildnFree was so immediately keen, she asked lead singer Guy Perkins to answer the following questions:

WF: Who are you Grand Pine?

GP: Grand Pine is a project I started late last year to break myself away from the music I was making under my own name. I kept my initials and created Grand Pine with some good friends of mine who are all already respected musicians in Melbourne. Together we write indie folk tunes drawing inspiration from our favourite artists such as Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty.

WF: What is this beautiful song about and who was involved in producing it?

GP: When I originally wrote Fail Me it was about people who started relationships already in the mind set that they’re never going to last and how that can affect all members of that relationship and plays with their feelings. In the video especially, there’s a pull towards fire being a metaphor for the relationship (being a wild and out of control fire to being a calm, newly lit candle). It was recorded by myself and our drummer Connor Black Harry and was mixed and mastered by Zarven Kara of Reel to Reel Studios in Tassie.

WF: What other music do you have up your sleeve?

GP: At the moment we’re sitting on about 30 songs we’ve written over the last year and we’re just trying to pick the ones best suited to our sound and our audience. We hope to bring our second single into the world early next year!

WF: Any upcoming shows?

We’ve just finished a large string of shows around Melbourne, Geelong and Canberra this week so we’re laying low until our Single Launch on November the 2nd at The Wesley Anne. Until then we might take one or two gigs but the time will mostly be used to practice and record.

Fuck yes bring it on Grand Pine. Can’t wait to hear more.



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