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George! WildnFree loves you. So do obvious Brisbane indie-legends Born Joy Dead. Lead singer and ex-Hungry Kids of Hungary champ Ben Dalton writes this gorgeous review of an album you should be owning, listening to and loving – All Things Must Pass. But wait just a minute, Born Joy Dead’s new track Sourdough is also worthy of much love, it’s punchy as fuck and so happily helpful in easing the frustration of every writer and artist and musician and designer and photographer doing shit jobs to earn that goddamn ‘sourdough’.  Thanks for making it suck less with some banging indie-rock Born Joy Dead! Put this on your work playlist everyone and have a little giggle at your boss’s expense.  

Now, here’s Ben Dalton’s gorgeous review of All Things Must Pass. Take it away Ben!


George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

After many years and thousands of records, the one album that really still hits me hard is All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. Everyone knows who he is and a lot of people know his story a lot more intricately than I do, so I won’t even bother going into it, I would only make myself look like a dang fool.

Records can affect each of us very differently so what I would like to convey is the way this album makes me feel by concentrating more on the sounds and the feelings that I take away from it. First of all, the track listing across this massive triple album is perfect. I could not think of a single change that could be made to the song order to improve the album at all and that is a massive feat in itself. The fact the you’ve got 30 or more tracks engaging you throughout this journey of an album is really impressive. Good on you Georgey Boy!

For me, listening to this album brings with it a plethora of nostalgia. It ties back to so many fond memories, dinner with friends, road trips with the band and memories of my childhood waiting for Dad to cook the burgers in the back yard, to name a few. Each song is its own personal story. I especially love the nuanced production of these tracks. Even though at the time, due to legendary psychopath/producer Phil Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’, I can imagine that most found it to be sonically explosive. This may be true overall but I’m referring more to the balance of these tracks. The way that the strings hold and build beneath Isn’t It A Pity, without becoming over bearing. The way that Eric Clapton’s lead guitar floats along dreamily during my favourite track I’d Have You Anytime. How George’s vocals just sit right in that sweet spot between all of the beautiful instrumentation on second album opener Beware Of Darkness.  Not to mention the delicate intricacy of Pete Drake’s ethereal slide guitar on The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll).

Every song has been cared for and nurtured to create this spiritual master piece. I don’t have time to go through each track and highlight what I like about them but I do like them all individually and for many different reasons. I suggest that if you haven’t already listened to this album, go get it, pick a time to and place to listen to it without distraction and enjoy creating your own memories of the album.

10 cool dad sunglasses out of 10


Thanks Ben! Now here’s his favourite track I’d Have You Anytime for your listening pleasure. Oh George, WildnFree wants to copy this link and send it to her Crush <3

But, Born Joy Dead’s Sourdough works just as well too. Brisvegans, go see them live at Black Bear Lodge on 1 September. Enjoy:


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