Guest Review ~ Feuds on Slowly Slowly

Brisvegan rockers Feuds have called it -Melbourne’s Slowly Slowly may steal your lover’s heart with their songs. You’ve been warned. Yet, having just listened to Feud’s forthcoming EP Stay LostWildnFree is feeling equally stolen by Feuds’ own emotive rock vibe. Bass player Gavin Callaghan reviews Slowly Slowly’s debut album Chamomile with his own heart on his sleeve, for your information and pleasure, and at your own heart’s risk. Take it away Gavin!


There is a lot to be said about an album that can invoke emotion. But when that album brings every heart-wrenching emotion to boiling point, words can fail to do it justice. Chamomile, the debut album from Melbourne’s Slowly Slowly, does just that.

These are songs that make you think about your first broken heart, songs that take you to a point where you aren’t sure whether to scream with happiness, or fall to your knees in tears. If you don’t believe me, wait to the 3-minute mark in PMTWGR. Possessing an unrelentingly beautiful voice, vocalist Ben Stewart has managed to deliver songs that will make your inner 90s kid stand up and pay attention. There are few recordings that linger in my subconscious, where I find myself singing the hooks and melodies while walking through a supermarket, but Chamomile certainly had that effect. One could be forgiven for resenting this band, they write the music you wish YOU wrote. But that resentment will quickly turn to admiration when these songs build their connection.

The album begins with the intentionally stripped back Elbows, a song riddled with vocal melodies that will make your heart flutter, then quickly shifts into the powerful Hey You. With these opening tracks Slowly Slowly set the scene for the remainder of the album. It is almost impossible to pick a favourite from this break-through album, whether the emotional breakdown in PMTWGR, the angelic harmonies intertwined with beautiful guitar in New York, Paris or the wavy yet perfectly positioned guitar in Good Friends. Heed my warning; do not sleep on this band. If Chamomile is a sign of things to come, these Melburnians will be stealing your girlfriends and boyfriends hearts for a long time to come.


So there you go. WildnFree is happy to broadcast Gavin’s timely warning. Watch Slowly Slowly’s PMTWGR (aww fellas, you’re right) and experience the painful power expressed towards the end, as he suggests, it’s epic:

And now for some equally gorgeous rock from Feuds, their latest track River Of Wine off forthcoming EP releasing this month. Go to their EP Launch on Friday 26 August at The Bearded Lady, Melburnian WildnFree kinda wishes she could pop in herself.  Now check out the footage on the video clip, it’s pretty spectacular:

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