Guest Review ~ Hobart Curtis on Sky Ferreira

Emerging Brisbane singer-songwriter Hobart Curtis proves, like Spookyland just before him, that he’s that rare type of triple threat known as the singer-songwriter-clever-as-fuck-guest reviewer. New track Hits offers some sweet indie-pop style solidarity to all the frustrated and self-defeating young creatives, right now suffering through the post-Paradise low lamenting all their ruined dreams. I still believe that I can be someone, sings Hobart, perfectly floating WildnFree‘s eternally idealistic boat. Yes you can. His guest review of Sky Ferreira‘s I Blame Myself, on the other hand, made her laugh and celebrate finding another clearly fabulous guest writer.

Take it away Hobart!


In 2013, I was delivering pizzas listening to triple j, on a Sunday night. I had put my hand up for one of the longer drives, so I could have a cigarette and eat my recently acquired garlic bread on the way.

Richard Kingsmill spun a track by Sky Ferreira, and I was instantly captivated. The music itself sounds like tears from a Roland Juno and, with Ferreira’s brash and mellow 80s throwback voice, it’s makes a silky smooth vibe.

I think I instantly starting planning our inevitable wedding together and wondering how she would go at a Sunday night family dinner. I’m still undecided whether she would get along with my mum, however. Needless to say I bought in on Sky Ferreira almost instantly.

When I got home from work that night, I started a mission to find how her production was made and by whom, as well as finding emulators for Ableton. The synths I found are still in use today, and are my go to when writing demos.

The album also taught me a lot about pure song writing.  When I first starting writing music for my project, I was writing as if I was still in a post-hardcore band. I wanted to have two guitar parts all the time with choppy drum beats, but I never made room for my melodies. This album showed me the value of treating my own vocals with respect by giving them enough space melodically to stand out.

So, I still would like to marry Sky Ferreira.

I really believe we could work through both of our issues together and come out great on the other side. But for now, I’ll always be able belt out I Blame Myself in the shower and feel like she’s there with me.


Hobart, WildnFree is backing you all the way to marry Sky Ferreira. Here she is:

She’s probably listening to Hits right now falling in love with you:

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