Guest Review ~ The Winter Gypsy on Holy Holy

Radelaidian indie-folksters The Winter Gypsy and WildnFree have one evident thing in common, a love for folk-rocker guitar heroes Holy Holy. WildnFree even has the You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog band jumper, in a foolishly baggy and unwearable men’s size, but she loves it nonetheless.  So, when these emerging South Australian indie-folk players wrote the below guest review, WildnFree knew they were gentlemen of good taste. Read their gorgeous guest review tribute before you allow The Winter Gypsy’s debut debut EP Page I delight the fuck out of you.


Have you ever stumbled onto a band, hit play on their album and listened straight through it from start to finish with no trouble at all? Well if you haven’t had that experience; then I would strongly recommend Holy Holy‘s debut album When The Storms Would Come. It’s so refreshing to listen to, it really inspires me and the rest of my band.

I remember listening to their amazing single You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog for the first time on YouTube the day it came up on my screen as a recommended video. Thank the Holy Holy gods that I clicked on the link, because it was one of the best newly-crafted styles of  music I have had the utmost pleasure of sitting through.

Everything about this song was ticking all the right boxes; and when Oscar’s (Dawson, lead guitarist) solo hit my headphones, I couldn’t stop smiling. The smirk on my face was near impossible to remove. Since having just started my project The Winter Gypsy with Max (Lambert), we’d been chatting about re-introducing guitar solos to songs, having seen a lack of it in gigs that we’ve been to. So for Max and I, this song couldn’t have appeared at a more perfect time. It seriously inspired us to come up with some epic intrumentals and solos. I am so thankful to this band for producing such quality work. For people who are interested in these guys, you MUST see them live because they will blow you away with their amazing musicianship, banter and stage presence – the ultimate package. I could honestly call them Australia’s ‘super group’.

Out of the amazing 10 songs on their album, I do have my favourite. It just so happens that their track, The Crowd is my personal preference. As you can tell from this song choice, I am a sucker for calm, collective, mellow tunes. It’s just one of those songs that I can listen to at anytime of the day or night, and it will always put me in deep thought. Believe it or not, these are the songs I treasure, because it puts me in a mood to write my own music; and I love it. 

To Timothy Carroll, Oscar Dawson and the rest of the Holy Holy band; I wish you all the best with your music endeavours and all the success that comes with it. Maybe one day we can share the stage together!  For a couple of teachers, they’re doing a damn good job at educating people on how great music is made!


 WildnFree couldn’t agree more. Here’s their brand new track Darwinism for your education:

And here’s The Winter Gypsy’s own debut EP Page I, a dreamy and luscious piece of indie-folk gorgeousness worthy of ol’ Holy Holy themselves. It’s a beauty, and a super strong effort for their first EP. Catch them live later this month on their East Coast tour, dates below.

Settle in, hush and listen:


SUN 28 AUG | BAR OPEN, FITZROY MELBOURNE | 18+ | Tickets available at the door

SUN 4 SEP | THE JADE, ADELAIDE | AA | Tickets available at the door

THUR 8 SEP | PLAYBAR, SURRY HILLS SYD | 18+ | Tickets available at the door

SAT 10 SEP | SMITH’S ALTERNATIVE, CANBERRA ACT | AA | Tickets available at the door

SAT 17 SEP | THE EXETER, ADELAIDE | AA | 18+ | Tickets available at the door

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