Hayley Couper ~ Caught Up

Roll the dice on this grungy rock beauty Caught Up from Hobart’s own Hayley Couper.  Written about a cross-country move to Melbz for a relationship, Caught Up is all about, in the words of old mate Ben Lee, the desire to gamble everything for love.

“I’m not the only one who’s caught up in this. Come and roll the dice.” she sings, in her lovely smokey rock voice.  Let’s hope indeed her lover showed the rare and exceptional courage it takes to play along with her, holding her cards, placing bets, risking it all, taking a punt.

Either way,  Hayley’s got a major fan in Abbe May, who has no hesitation in declaring that ‘Hayley Couper is one Australia’s great hidden treasures. Her music is both immediate and refined. She’s a classic artist who will no doubt be celebrated in time. Her voice is velvety, dark and strong. Her music is intensely melodic, rhythmic and perfectly partners and uplifts the romantic vulnerability revealed in her song themes. She’s the real deal.’ 

Grow a pair and listen to real deal Hayley Couper tell you what she’s prepared to do for love:

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