HURST ~ Rattle Kids

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If you’re looking for some fine female-fronted garage-rock on International Women’s Day Eve, Western Sydney’s Hurst has got you covered. The voice on lead singer Ana Veira is the power behind Rattle Kids, an energetic indie-rocker rebelling against the dullness of suburbia, in this case, the shitty expanse of Western Sydney.

Rattle Kids is a loud revel in abandoning that adult in your head that tells you to grow up, stay mundane and exist without really living,” they say. “We grew up in suburbia. Western Sydney had nothing to offer us kids, so rather than just exist and wait until we were old enough to move away to exciting places, we spent our adolescence getting up to no good wherever we could. The Rattle Kids video pays homage to our youth that doesn’t end as the years go.”

There’s not much to do in Western Sydney they say, and WildnFree relates, growing up in the whitewashed wasteland of Melbourne’s outer east. Like the video shows, eating Maccas in a carpark was where it was at.

Kids, get out as soon as you can.



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