Husky ~ Late Night Store

Go straight to your nearest 7-Eleven, preferably after a few drinks, and listen to Late Night Store, the rocking new track from Melbourne champs HuskyEasily nailing the epic 80s vibe, Late Night Store starts a little She’s Like The Wind before turning fully sick Footloose. Good luck resisting that deceptively simple guitar riff, it’ll force out your very best dance breakdowns and air guitar moves, especially if you’ve had those recommended drinks.

So says lead singer Husky Gawenda, “The truth is Late Night Store came about through lots of drinking and confusion and heartache and longing and ecstasy – all in the one night.” Desolate and weary, feeding ducks in a pond, rocking up to your sixteen dark bar filled with strangers, walking all night, never looking up, goddamn it that sounds rough. Hands up if you’ve been there, WildnFree sure has. But she can’t feel too sorry for herself, because despite feeling every bit of that dislocation and pain and exhaustion, Late Night Store is still way too much fun to dance to.

Rock out with Husky live on the dates below. Move with the wind and stars, open a bottle of cheap wine and enjoy:


Thu 17 Nov Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth WA

Sat 19 Nov  Lighthouse Folk Festival, Norah Heads NSW

Sat 3 Dec  Foundry, Brisbane QLD

Wed 7 Dec  Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW

Thu 8 Dec  Fat Controller, Adelaide SA

Thu 15 Dec  Howler, Melbourne VIC

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