Husky ~ Let It Happen

I love Tame Impala‘s lazier psychedelic offerings, but not so much the straight-up EDM. So, their synthy 8-minute epic Let It Happen didn’t move me in the slightest to be frank. I skipped straight down the Currents track list to ‘Cause I’m A Man, where I’ve stayed blushing and sighing ever since, “Cause he’s a man, woman, a greater force he answers to.” Aah.  

But, what a gift, today Let It Happen transforms into a raw, almost naked piece of profound and pensive indie-folk. Who else but the masters of such songs, Husky, could do so? The lyrics, so subordinate in the original, seem liberated here to tell their story. “All this running around, I can’t fight it much longer, something’s trying to get out, and it’s never been closer”, so we hear, sung with restrained wistfulness by Husky Gawenda, as eerie chimes from keysmaster Gideon Preiss evoke heart-clutching chills. Trembling mandolin strums seem gentle at first, but no, they’re the secret weapon making this song a gorgeous killer. Or is it this line, sung over and over towards the end, “Maybe I was ready all along, oh maybe, I was ready all along, oh maybe.”  Like it was lifted straight from Forever So, this stripped-off beauty is so honest, so bare; be warned, the tears may come.

Bands of the world, please send all your songs to Husky. They’ll make them sound far better (Exhibit A) but only if they’re not too busy in Berlin writing their own.

Listen now:

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