International Women’s Day

An unscientific review of the WildnFree facts proves that women are 100% its best supporters. WildnFree wouldn’t exist without the work of women in the biz – precariously paid, hard-hustling publicists and managers –  who slide songs and stories into the inbox here every day.  Happy International Women’s Day to you, fine ladies, may you one day occupy the positions of power and authority you well deserve to hold. WildnFree also thanks the female and non-binary artists who treat the work of this publication with respect and appreciation. Your art is the fuel of WildnFree‘s fire. WildnFree also thanks the female readers who silently read these words, in places near and far. Your support matters the most.

WildnFree especially pays her respects to the women who’ve walked even one step out of line off the path pre-approved for us by patriarchy, whether they choose to, or are forced to by circumstance. The penalties can be harsh. Your unbearable bravery lights the way.

So, let’s #PressForProgress, fuck the patriarchy and keep on healing and rising, against all odds. The world needs our beauty and light.

Now, enjoy a little moment in the world of Australia’s #1 woman of music. We love you Kylie.

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