IV League interviews Liv Cartledge

May talented women keep speaking for themselves! In the second of a 2-part interview series between a pair of local talents, Bella Venutti, lead singer of Laneway-winning Melbourne punks IV League, interviews 2015 Telstra Road To Discovery winner Liv Cartledge. Hailing from the gorgeous Victorian country town of Beechworth, now famous for more than just the beestings at the bakery thanks to Liv, this lady has her own sweet story about her journey into music.  A ‘musical apprentice’ to her Dad, Liv learned the ropes of performing by his side around her hometown starting at the tiny age of twelve. Having sold-out the single launch for her beautiful first track You Got Me High, a massive achievement to be proud of, here she is now being grilled by Bella Venutti on behalf of WildnFree.

Take it away Bella and Liv!

Hey Liv! Congratulations on the release of You Got Me High! Really loving it. Could you tell me a bit about your main inspirations for the track both lyrically and sonically?

Thanks Bella! glad to hear you like YGMH. At the time of writing the song I was kind of just fiddling and experimenting, not paying a whole lot of attention to the lyrical content. I suppose listening now, I was possibly subconsciously writing about trying to detach from a somewhat seemingly ‘magnetic’ the-old-why-am-I-still-giving-you-my-time trick!

It’s a pretty huge achievement having sold out your single launch! How have you found the experience of playing live shows in Melbourne in comparison to back home so far?

 I was so stoked to have sold out my first launch! absolutely over the moon. I was pretty sure my Mum had bought like 95% of the tickets but when people started rolling in on the night I was pleasantly surprised. Playing shows in Melbourne definitely has a different feel to playing back home in North East Vic. I guess when I play gigs at home its almost like a           home ground advantage as I know a lot of the people in the crowd and its very comfortable. In Melbourne I often don’t know a lot of the audience which keeps me on my toes as you only get one chance for a first impression. New faces to see and new ears listening to my music.

You and I have both received some invaluable support from triple j Unearthed over the past few years, are there any other up and coming Australian artists you’ve discovered through the platform that you think people should have their eye on?

Gretta Ray is a gal I like to keep an eye on! I first heard her music after she took out Unearthed High and fell in love with her writing style. She’s been kicking huge goals so definitely one to watch.

You’ve had an extremely impressive start in the industry, what would you say has been your biggest achievement musically so far?

Winning the Telstra Road To Discovery is definitely my biggest achievement thus far. It gave me so many opportunities such as getting over to Canada to record my debut EP with Daniel Ledwell, spend some time in Nashville to play a couple shows and do some more writing/recording. The last 18 months has just been one big bloody whirlwind thanks to the TRTD gang. An invaluable experience and exposure to amazing minds within the industry to be able to draw on their knowledge and experience, I feel so fortunate.

What can I expect to see you getting up to for the rest of the year?

Riding the wave! Being my first release, I’m still feeling my way so this year I’ll be taking my time to release the second single before letting the whole EP out of the bag. There will be a video to come, maybe a mini tour and hopefully a whole heap of shows both solo and with my band.


Thanks ladies! You may takeover WildnFree anytime you like. Now, here’s the beautiful You Got Me High to get you high:

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