Jack River Talks Electric Lady

Ms Jack River is one fine lady with badass songs and brilliant ideas, including brand new banging concept Electric Lady. With Sydney and Melbourne ‘all-girl electric shows’ in partnership with triple j featuring buzz artists  Alex Lahey, Ali Barter, Bec Sandridge and Gretta Ray, Jack’s keeping the light fully blazing on talented women ready to rock out and raise consciousness.  To help spread the word, Jack tells WildnFree all about it.

WF: Congrats on putting together such a fantastic concept – there’s two ‘all girl electric shows’, plus a website featuring interviews with female artists/influencers right? 

JR: Yep that’s it! Along with our two huge shows, we’re interviewing women at the top of their field, from all fields! Like science, arts, surfing, music, media, health. We want to draw these people together so that they, and their audiences, can connect the dots, find more superheroes to follow and support, and be inspired to do whatever they want with their time here on Earth. 

WF: Why was it important for you to create Electric Lady?

JR: I saw the electricity of last year and how it was empowering men and women across the globe to quickly and efficiently attempt to change how women are treated in business, culture and society. I am a musician and realised that there was much to be celebrated and discovered in my own industry, we had a huge year in music last year with Amy Shark, Gretta Ray, Ali Barter, Tash Sultana and Alex Lahey climbing up the charts. I felt like these women were a different breed of icon; they are lighting up their own paths musically and I felt like it could be cool to put together a line-up that reflected this, here in Australia, as well as draw in the world feels and highlight Australian women doing badass things in all fields! It’s a big mission and the Electric Lady team and I are learning everyday how to improve and grow our young platform! 

WF: From your perspective, what does each artist on the gig line up bring to the table? 

JR: Oooh… big question.

Alex brings grit and fire – her set is loud AF and unforgivingly electric. I saw her play at The Blurst Of Times in Brissy and could not stop dancing and singing. 

Ali brings wit and cleverness and her 90s perfect pop grunge. If you haven’t heard this woman’s album – you’re gonna have to. It’s one that will grow on you and go down in the ages of quintessential Australian alt-pop. 

Gretta brings the sweetest soul in the universe, plus the opportunity to see an international star before she blows up. Can confirm that I think she will be selling out this very Metro and Corner show on her own in a year or less. Gretta’s show is one that burns with teenage introspection coupled with anthem folk rock. 

Bec brings the sass and grunge balladry to the table. Again, her tunes are catchy as fuck, she pulls some amazing energy from outside this world into dem outfits too.

Rackett are as their name suggests, they bring grunge rock headbangers to the stage – these girls are set to climb the ranks this year too. 

Body Type bring the roll to the rock, they’re an all-girl dream band from Sydney and are set to light up the radio waves this year. 

WF: Who are your main female influences in your life and how have they inspired you?

JR: My Mum is always teaching me how to be more kind. She is the kindest woman I have ever met, and I feel like anything is possible when kindness is applied (to others and to self). Might be random, but whenever I feel shit I watch Jennifer Lawrence interviews. I am not a big movie fan or anything, but her humility, her humble sense of self and how she is so strong, honest and vulnerable all at once, never ceases to inspire me. Women like Vandana Shiva (physicist), Jane Goodall (zoologist) and Sylvia Earle (marine biologist) are also a huge inspiration to me. They inspire me to keep dedicating my life toward greater goals of changing the way we think and act toward the environment and science in general (how amazing and important it is to learn about this world erryday).

In the music industry, I am hugely inspired by Grimes, who talks openly about being extremely passionate about leading her own business and owning her rights where she can. Same goes for Tay and Beyoncé – in an industry that constantly tried to dumb men and women down, these gals don’t give a fuck and do things their own way.

WF: What would you say to a woman who isn’t feeling electric and needs some advice to find her spark? 

JR: I would say call an electric woman and vennnntt, go buy your favourite magazine, watch some YouTube interviews with Jennifer Lawrence or Beyoncé or Oprah, and write out a list of all the things you love, wanna do, dream of (and even list all the things that are making you feel non-electric).

Learning how to ask for help has changed my life. I have personally been through some wildly dark times, and it took many years to learn the craft of being transparent with people I trust, and letting them be there for me. DONT compare yourself, switch off insty and let go of any shame in not feeling electric. Real electricity comes and goes in waves, it’s never on all the time. Be a solar panel, not a coal mine (coal mines will run out, solar panels breathe at night!) 

 WF: What do you hope women take away from coming to an Electric Lady gig? 

JR: I hope women and men take away a new favourite band, a sense of inspiration, and a dose of good old fashioned lady magic. 

Sound rad? Get involved. See below for Electric Lady dates and ticket info.

Now, on Jack’s suggestion, enjoy this Jennifer Lawrence YouTube vid:

The Hopeless Utopian and triple j present Electric Lady 

Fri 30 June | Metro Theatre | Sydney

Sat 1 Jul | Corner Hotel | Melbourne

Tix – www.electriclady.world.

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