Jamil Zacharia ~ Magic Snuff Box

Get your serene melancholy beat fix here thanks to Jamil Zacharia‘s Magic Snuff Box. Ambient and mysterious, this luscious track hints at the treasures awaiting on Zacharia’s forthcoming debut EP The Soft Tread That Inspires, due for release mid-July. Not only has Zacharia been busy recording gorgeous tracks like Magic Snuff Box, he’s also found the time to found his own Melbourne-based record label Wabi Sabi Records. That’s the spirit!

You may have already noticed Zacharia’s guitar work on Silentjay’s Negativspays, Kirkis’ Sanwazee, Willow Beats’ Blue and Clever Austin’s Trash Kit. If you haven’t, I suggest you go back and revise. He’s also supported the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, Ainslie Wills and 30/70, as well as undertaking a Melbourne Music Week 2014 residency.

I eagerly await The Soft Tread That Inspires, but until then, enjoy Magic Snuff Box.

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