Jesse Ruben ~ This Is Why I Need You

Gentle acoustic strumming, a lyrical message of love and the warm voice of Jesse Ruben on This Is Why I Need You is taking WildnFree on a trip across the musophere to Brooklyn, NY today. No matter where on the planet you happen to live, Brooklyn’s very own Ruben writes lyrics so beautifully to the point you’ll no doubt be swimming in emotional feels about that special someone in no time. ‘You make my crazy feel normal, every time’ surely speaks to what everyone last one of us desires, right?

But, listen to this lovely track and pick out the lyric that best speaks to you. Could it be ‘You make my weakness less weak’?  ‘You make the darkness less dark’? ‘There’s not enough chocolate, there’s too many chores’? Sometimes the simplest things make the most sense.

Listen to this three minutes of sweetness and pick your favourite line:

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