Jesswar ~ Savage

Prefaced by an elegant Arabian holler, Jesswar‘s debut winner Savage sounds immediately like a solemn call to action.  The Brisbane-based, Fijian-born hip-hop force shows up direct and defiant, declaring and reclaiming herself proudly as a savage and a cunt, for damn good reasons deserving to be heard.

“Being Fijian, my people were portrayed as ‘savages'”, explains Jesswar. “So using that term was definitely thought out in reclaiming that terminology and more like a war call. I feel confident that I’ve been working hard a for a long time so I wanted to come out with the ferocious nature that has helped me get to this point. Using the word ‘cunt’ is important too, this is another word I’m reclaiming and embracing. This industry is brutal as a woman so being resilient and tougher than the next dude is necessary to succeed.”

Filmed and directed by Jaen Collective and Que Film Collective, the video clip is forcefully unforgiving, brilliant and stark in its fearless assertion of strength.  Jesswar is joined by a supportive girl gang of talented Brisbane creatives, lending a powerful loveliness of sisterhood and solidarity to the overall Savage aesthetic.

Fight on Jesswar,  you savage, you cunt, you legend. Debut EP is out via Golden Records next year.


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