Julio Bashmore ~ Knockin’ Boots

Definition: knocking boots. (v) To have sexual intercourse. The knock refers to the man’s hips hitting the woman’s ass, which produces a slapping sound. I’m quoting here from the Urban Dictionary; please don’t lynch me.

Bristol born DJ, producer, and label owner Matt Walker, better known as Julio Bashmore, just released his debut album on his own Broadwalk Records label after several years of sterling EP releases. Bashmore is probably best known for his collaborative work with Jessie Ware, his tentative step towards Popdom.

Knockin’ Boots is not pop.

There are hooks galore and foot-tapping rhythms and loops you’ll be humming for hours after your first listen, but it’s far from pop. I mean, there’s nothing too complex going on here, it’s not deep avant-garde or anything. But this guy is a master at laying down tight, chugging grooves and the textures are warm and inviting, the hooks super-addictive. He’s lifting the British Garage revival to a whole new level.

This album is progressive disco, it’s deep house, it’s ecstatic garage, it’s soulful and full of movement. You’ll find flavours reminiscent of old-school eighties soul like Atlantic Starr and SOS Band but with tight next-gen electronic production. It belongs on a dance-floor for sure, but no one would shoot you if you played it loud in your car on the way to work.

The album boasts some serious talent on featured artists: Sam Dew, Bixby, J’Danna, South African vocalist Okmalumkoolkat and my personal favourite borrowed from the Ninja Tune stable, Seven Davis Jr. If you haven’t heard of any of these characters, wouldn’t this be the perfect way to check all of them out in one hit?

Get into Knockin’ Boots via iTunes.  Here’s Holding On to get you started:

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