KA-TYA ~ Little House

Dramatic and evocative dark-pop coming at you tonight from Melbourne’s Ka-tya.  Take a listen to Little House and see if you don’t feel a little secretly unnerved, perhaps haunted all of a sudden by the ghost a past lover. I blame the keys. Keys always bring the drama. All the chimes, crashes and bangs of the piano on Little House will give you a few shivers for sure. Or is the shock-inducing drum beats kicking in after a minute? You’ve been warned.

Trained as a classical pianist and rocking a pure and lovely voice, Ka-tya (AKA Katia Pshenichner) channels a strong Kate Miller-Heidke vibe on the track. I’m now pretty curious about debut EP Sky Above she recorded with producer Josh The Cat, releasing in early 2016. More intriguing dark-pop hopefully awaits.

Catch Ka-tya live at Melbourne’s sweet Paris Cat Jazz Club for the single launch on 6 December.   And now over to you, Little House:

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