LANKS ~ Comfortable

Local hero LANKS‘ new track Comfortable is full of the familiar warmth and class we’ve come to expect from Mr Will Cuming. Somber with a quiet sparkle in some parts, punched up by an 80s rock beat in others, Comfortable‘s strength lies yet still in its intent.

Written for a friend working in the mental health field, LANKS says, “Mental health is still an area we are learning how to approach and talk about, and it is not an easy job to just turn up to work for and then leave at the office. It is emotionally challenging.” Detailing her struggles with a particular case and the emotional effects, LANKS “wrote this song to remind her how selfless she is and was, helping someone else through such an incredibly hard time and shouldering so much of their struggles and despair. The ending was heartbreaking, but I wanted to focus on how great of a human she showed she was.”

Thanks LANKS, your empathy and show of support is very meaningful. WildnFree herself worked in the mental health field long ago, and nursed many a broken-down soul through the worst manifestations of despair. Robbed of her own wellbeing in the process, she found music and writing to be her most gentle and effective healers. Songs like these help everyone feel a little less alone in the greater milieu of distress we all live within.

Catch the lovely LANKS on the live dates below, and check out the fab artwork created by fave artsy grandma Valda Cuming.


Sat, 19 Aug | Leadbelly, Sydney NSW

Fri, 25th  Aug | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD

Sat, 26th Aug | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC

Sat, 2nd Sep | Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth WA

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