Life Is Better Blonde ~ Follow Me

What is this song about, Life Is Better Blonde? At first, I pictured a man sitting at a piano, pouring his heart out over the keys, beseeching some lover to “Follow me! For fuck’s sake please!” But on closer listen to the lyrics, I hear something else. “I’ll follow me, my life tastes bitter and sweet, I’ll follow me. Is there a way, I’m happy to wait, what steps do I take, which way do I make, I’ll follow me.”

Now, I could have heard the lyrics wrong, or misinterpreted them all together (I do both these things quite often), but I think I hear something really great. Someone’s making the call to back himself and follow his own path, no matter what the cost, and no matter how unclear the steps to take may be. And I’m all for that, otherwise, what the fuck are we all here for? Plus, there’s just nothing like a grand, solemn melancholic piano track to bring home the gravity of it all. No, life is not better blonde. It’s better with piano.

All this random philosophy by WildnFree is now over, you may listen now and figure it out for yourself:

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