Live Review ~ Guns N’ Roses ~ Las Vegas

Devoted Guns N’ Roses tragic and hardcore reader of WildnFree Emma White shows the fans how it’s done by travelling all the way to Las Vegas to see the reunion show of the century. Here’s Emma’s live review of both Vegas shows of the Not In This Lifetime Tour – eight-feet from the stage and abso-fucking-lutely ecstatic.  Take it away Emma!

Night #1 – Saturday 9 April 2016

I’m not even sure where to start tonight, it was just aaaaarrrrgh. I wish every guy wore black jeans and skull rings everyday. T-Mobile Arena was meant to open at 8pm, but something went wrong so we all stood in the rain for two hours. Lol, it was like Calder Park 25 years ago. I was adopted by four guys from Wyoming who thought it was hilarious I’d flown in for the same reason they’d driven for 12 hours – what if they’d broken up before the show? We were let in at 10pm and not even I was prepared for how amazing my seat was: eight foot from the stage fuuuuuuuuuck. Turns out I was sitting next to another hardcore fan who flew in from Canberra. Alice In Chains were great, then Gunnas came on at midnight.

It was fucking epic. They played for over two and a half hours, just about every song off appetite (Appetite For Destruction) and (guitarist/legend) Slash did Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. Axl (Rose, lead singer) has broken his foot so he’s spending the show on the throne given to him by Dave Grohl, who’s in the audience. His voice…his voice…his voice 💞 Slash’s guitar 💚 Duff (McKagan) rocking out on bass 💜the three of them together jamming like old mates. Axl just enjoying watching Slash play 💛 It’s hard to believe it happened. Just extraordinary.

Axl looked so happy, but maybe that was partly because he was being helped in and out of a wheelchair by hot women in lingerie nurses outfits. Bless. I kept watching Slash and Axl, waiting for that moment, and it came towards the end –  them making eye contact and smiling broadly at each other as they soaked up all the screaming and applause. They went off stage together after the encore, chatting, then came out and bowed with their arms around each other and Duff. These boys who wrote all this music that has meant so fucking much to me since I was 16. Together again. Like a fucking dream 💖

Night #2 – Sunday 10 April 2106
Good lord, that was even better than last night. How is that even possible??! They played different songs (Don’t Cry and The Seeker) and the guitar solo in Rocket Queen just kept going. And going. And then going some more 💕 Then SEBASTIAN BACH from Skid Row rocked up and they did a duet of My Michelle. Then he was like “I haven’t played with you guys since ’91 in Australia!!!”  The crowd went insane. People who had never seen them play together before were grabbing strangers on the way out saying, “I can’t fucking believe his voice.” They played for nearly 3 hours and I’m not sure who had a better time, us or them. Axl couldn’t stop grinning and watching Slash play. The three of them around the piano, Axl’s voice and Slash’s guitar soaring over the thump thump of Duff’s bass. The banned artwork from Appetite From Destruction plastered all over the piano. In Axl’s words, “Good fucking night Las Vegas!!!!”
WildnFree salutes Emma White’s passion and dedication to the Gunners cause. Safe travels home. Now enjoy a little taste of the action with some dodgy as fuck fan footage of Paradise City courtesy of YouTube:

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